welcome to the bike inn

The Bike Inn is the industry's leading training provider of professional, accredited bicycle mechanic qualifications here in the UK. We are also probably the longest standing ... whilst remaining at the cutting edge of the newest technologies!

Our courses incoporate Levels 2 and 3 of the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) Bicycle Mechanics qualifications - an industry-standard if you are looking for an accredited professional qualification that is insurance compliant, and recognised around the world.

We also cover Apprenticeships and have partnered with our local colleague Kendal Colleague, this course is not dependant on your geographical location. We have developed a range of Professional courses on niche subjects such as hydraulics and E-bikes, as well as a comprehensive general maintenance course for the avid hobbyist - and we can even offer cycling relevant first aid courses too. We are proud to be able to say that we are ELCAS approved as well. Visit the relevant pages for more information....

IMI Accredited Courses

Short Course Masterclasses

ELCAS Approved

Event Planning & Support

2021 marks the 30th birthday year for the Bike Inn !

We are very proud of our heritage, and rightly so, as we can boast that a large proportion of other trainers within the industry originally trained with us - along with a number of other leading figures and influencers too.

Our resident staff are all star performers in their own fields, and bring a collective level of knowledge and expertise that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It is this eclectic mix of skills and experience that means that our students graduate with a broad spectrum of newly acquired learning, fully equipped for whatever cycle mechanic challenges await them in the future.

We are big on community here - and once you are enrolled into the Bike Inn family you will begin to find a whole new network of friends, mentors, peers and advisors all willing and ready to share their collective knowledge. We operate several graduate forums to enable our attendees to keep in touch, and always encourage group events during their stays here in Cumbria - because, well, it's cycling heaven here!

Read more about the Bike Inn's history, and our very special team here.