One-week, tutor supported, virtual phase which includes online tutorials which prepares your for prepares you for the intense on-site practical phase.

Course Description

The online course phase allows you to study all the theory remotely at your own pace. The virtual phase prepares you for the intense on-site practical phase, where you will have the opportunity to become a ‘master’ wheel builder. On completion of the course, you will have access to Bike Inn materials for 2 years. (This course does not include an IMI Qualification. If you wish to gain a unit certificate, it is possible but at an additional cost of £40.00). If you wish to gain a IMI unit certificate please notify a member of staff during the online guided learning.

Course Content

  • Parts compatibility
  • Tools required
  • Hubs: Construction, features, spoke attachment and critical dimensions.
  • Rims: Types, sizing, ERD, hole stagger, eyelets and joints.
  • Spokes: Types, materials, butting, threads, nipples length calculation.
  • Lacing using a variety of rim, hub types and lacing patterns
  • Tightening and truing of wheels to industry tolerances
  • Recognition of faults in wheel building
  • Repairing and/or conversion of hubs to take more sprockets.

Final Assessment & Qualifications

The course culminates with a Bike Inn assessment, and if successful, a certificate of competence. 

£450.00 per person

IMI Certification available for an extra £40.00 fee.

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