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Bike Fit

Training you in Bike Fit to a Professional Standard

Course Description

This course will teach you how to professionally assess, set up and adjust the riding position for a number of different riding disciplines. On successful completion you will be able to work with riders and help them find the ideal fit for maximum performance, endurance or comfort. This is a skill that expands your business and enhances your reputation.

Get to know how your bike and your body interact

This course is aimed at cyclists of any discipline, or fitness level, that want to increase their understanding of how to inspect, maintain and adjust your own bike/s and those of others, to improve performance. You will be using a range of techniques including the use of video and software to interpret results and ensure you are confident in your recommendations.

Course Content

  • Bike fit process: pre-fit interview, assessment, baseline measurements, adjustments and follow-up.
  • Anatomy and physiology: an overview of the body systems involved in cycling, focusing on the main muscle groups involved in creating the pedal stroke and some of the reasons behind common bike fit issues.
  • Bike measurements: understanding stack & reach, bike geometry, methods of measuring and recording angles, lengths and positions.
  • Static and dynamic assessment: cleat position, saddle position and handlebar adjustment to create a cycling position with stability, comfort, aerodynamics, or power transfer as the focus of the bike fit process.
  • Bike mechanics: learning what can be adjusted or changed in a basic bike fit session; for example stem, saddle, cleats and headset.
  • Tools required, safety checks and torque settings.
  • Discipline specific fitting: introduction into the differences involved in road, off road, triathlon and E-bike specific fitting.

Final Assessment & Qualifications

The course culminates with a Bike Inn assessment, and if successful, a certificate of competence.

£695.00 per person

The course comes with a certificate of competence.

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