The Bike Inn offers a comprehensive range of bicycle mechanics courses and qualifications

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Select the course you are interested in from the list below and click to read more, see prices, and link through to our online booking system. Please be aware that a 20% deposit is required to secure your place on each course, with the remaining balance due 4 weeks prior to the start date (or immediately if booked closer to the start of the course).





Bike Inn Training Programmes - IMI Accredited - OFQUAL Approved

This course takes place over a defined four week period, which after successful completion earns you the Bike Inn Foundation Certificate in Bicycle Mechanics. If you are wishing to attain your IMI Level 2 qualification this course prepares you the intensive on-site week required to attain your qualification.

You will work through online and practical assessments that will provide enough knowledge and skills to effectively enter you into the industry. This is a flexible and achievable way to study - particularly given the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.  We’ll be there for you at the other end of emails, chats, phone calls and structured online meetings to answer all your questions and ensure you are not left feeling alone during your learning.

As with our traditionally structure IMI Level 2 training, we still provide additional course content over and above what is deemed to be the basic qualification requirements ,because we consider this to be essential if you are looking to work in event support, a shop or to start your own business.

The course will give you an in-depth foundation knowledge of build, adjustment and problem solving, including all of the following:</p.

  • Health and Safety
  • Workshop Best Practices
  • Relevant Legislations
  • Tool Selection
  • Bottom Brackets
  • Headsets
  • Brakes
  • Manually Operated Gears
  • Hubs
  • Wheel Building
  • Basic Hydraulics
  • Tyres
  • Trade Suppliers

This is the preparation course for our Intensive Practical Training week - and together the two elements cover the syllabus required for the IMI Level 2 Qualification in Bicycle Mechanics [OFQUAL accredited].

These two courses together are equivalent to our traditionally taught IMI Level 2 Weeks 1 & 2, just restructured to give you a more flexible and convenient way to train.

study at home modules Start on a given Monday each month, with a mandatory welcome video meeting on the saturday immediately prior - please ensure you are able to attend this and other video meetings throughout the course as they form an integral part of your learning and assessment. 

£630.00 per person

*prequalification required via our virtual foundation course*

This week is tough, we won't hide or apologise for that.  This week is required to achieve IMI Level 2 Certification.  Having learned the theory with our virtual learning course and practiced where possible on your own or your friends' bikes, the assessment and qualification week runs as follows:

Day 1:   Online IMI closed book assessments that must be passed and must be taken in our premises in Cumbria

Day 2:  Brake and Hydraulic Practical - Routine Cycle Maintenance

Day 3:  Wheel building (Plus time put aside for resits where necessary)

Day 4:  Wheel Building part 2 - Change a Cycle Frame (Complete strip and rebuild constantly assessed for individual systems)

Day 5:  Continuation of Day 4 (Plus time put aside for resits where necessary)

This week is conducted with a 2:1 student to assessor ratio allowing for a fully immersive learning experience and a high level of access to the instructors' feedback.  At the end of this week you'll know ,and will have practiced, more than most currently employed bike mechanics - giving you a springboard into the industry.


£1260.00 per person

Our Professional Training (which will also enable you to attain your IMI Level 3 qualification) can be completed in one of two ways:

  • Those who have already passed the IMI Level 2 certificate here at the Bike Inn can study the theory modules online over a designated one month period, followed by a one week immersive practical course and assessment, delivered here in Cumbria.

    £1980.00 per person

    for the IMI Level 2 graduates 'top up' course

  • Alternatively, for those wanting to qualify from the beginning through to Level 3, we run the complete programme which comprises 4 separate training elements. We are also approved to provide this course through the ELCAS scheme, for those exiting from HM Forces. Please Book the Part 1 Bike Inn Virtual Theory and Foundation course to start your qualification. 

    £3150.00 per person

    for the full 4 units

The IMI Level 3 course carries on from the course materials within the Level 2 qualification above, and goes on to cover the following...

  • Frame geometry and a detailed look at how this affects bikes
  • Advanced hydraulics, including rear suspension and dropper posts
  • Advanced wheel systems and complex wheels
  • Higher end group sets
  • In depth diagnostics of all electronic group sets
  • Electric Bikes - Legislation, the current technology, battery management, conversions, diagnosis and maintenance on all major manufactures
  • An introduction into performance bike fitting
  • An introduction into cycling coaching
After completing the course you are able to:

• Enter the bike industry at the highest level

•Set up your own Cycle repair mobile shop or shop to the highest standard

• Work in a professional bike shop

• Support Cycling teams

• Support Cycle events

Further Information:

The four separate training elements for those starting out and wanting to achieve this qualification from scratch are as follows (to be completed in the order presented, but over a time period and course dates to suit you):

  1. 4 Weeks Virtual Theory & Foundation Training (including IMI Level 3 modules 1-4)
  2. 2 Days Practical Wheel Building, at our premises in Cumbria
  3. 4 Weeks Virtual Professional Training (including IMI Level 3 modules 5-8)
  4. 1 Week Intensive Professional Practical Training & Assessment, at our premises in Cumbria

Assessment to gain the Professional qualification entails an element of short essay writing, in addition to the virtual multiple-choice questionnaires, which must be completed in your own time and submitted and assessed before you can receive your qualification.

20% deposit required to book either option

Bike Inn Professional Courses (Short Practical Courses)

Our General Maintenance course is for those who want to know more about their own bikes but don't need the in-depth knowledge required to enter into the industry. If you do require a deeper insight than this course offers then please refer to our IMI Level 2 and 3 courses above

We invite you to bring up to two bikes of your own for these two intensive days, when you will learn the following, tailored towards your bike(s) and your individual requirements:

  • Tool Selection
  • Bottom Brackets
  • Headsets
  • Brakes
  • Gears
  • Hubs
  • Basic Wheel Truing

£340.00 per solo booking

£290.00 per person if booked as a pair

One week virtual allows you to learn all theory at home. This allows more time on site for practical time. On completion of the course, you will have access to Bike Inn materials for 2 years.

*NEW FOR 2021* We continually review exact course content to ensure that we are training for the latest models, and best practises, and content is based on the following:

  • An introduction to eBikes
  • Tools required in addition to 'regular' bikes
  • A look at all makes of systems currently on the market
  • Diagnostics, fault finding, and the limits of repair for E-bikes outside of warranty
  • Full diagnostics on all systems (where the manufacturers allow this)
  • Strip and rebuild where possible
  • Conversion Kits
  • The Bike Inn E-bike Assessment and certificate of competence

£ 850.00 per person

One week virtual allows you to learn all theory at home. This allows more time on site for practical time. On completion of the course, you will have access to Bike Inn Materials for 2 years.

  • • Understanding of maintaining systems
    • Problem solving / diagnostics / fault finding
    • Manufactures information
    • Covering electronic gearsets from:
    Rotor and Rotor Hydraulic system
  • Covering advanced mechanical groupsets such as record, super record 12 speed, Ekar 13 speed, Rotor 12 speed etc.
  • (The Bike inn is now a Campagnolo pro shop).
  • The Bike Inn Advanced Groupsets Assessment and certificate of competence

    £600.00 per person



One week virtual allows you to learn all theory at home. This allows more time on site for practical time. On completion of the course, you will have access to Bike Inn materials for 2 years.
  • Terminology, finding common problems, and fault finding
  • Coil and air spring systems and hands-on experience
  • Different types of dampers
  • Set up procedures
  • Rear shock strip and rebuild/service
  • Problems and fault finding
  • Seatpost strip and rebuild of a dropper post
  • The Bike Inn Suspension Assessment and certificate of competence

£600.00 per person

One week virtual allows you to learn all theory at home. This allows more time on site for practical time. On completion of the course, you will have access to Bike Inn materials for 2 years.

One week Virtual followed by 2-days immersive course will train you as a 'master' wheel builder where you learn the following:

  • Parts compatibility
  • Tools required
  • Hubs, their design and progress
  • Rims, their various types and designs
  • Spokes and nipples, strengths and weaknesses, different design, materials and attachments
  • Spoke length calculation
  • Lacing patterns
  • Tightening and truing of wheels to industry tolerances
  • Building of three types of wheel covering 90% of those found on bikes today
  • The Bike Inn Wheel Building Assessment and certificate of competence

In addition to your 2 days at our training facility in Cumbria, you will be given access to the online wheel building theory module that our qualification students study. We recommend that you work through this before you attend the practical course to ensure you have a fully rounded knowledge of the essentials.

£450.00 per person

Though this course is currently in development, but we are planning to teach the following:

  • Introduction to frame parts and function
  • Frame geometry and how it affects bicycle handling
  • Basic bike fitting using a bike fit bicycle
  • Tools required
  • Material properties and selection
  • Techniques in frame tube joining
  • Welding and brazing techniques
  • Practical sessions, which will result in you being able to take away a frame that you have designed and built



During this extremely intensive course you'll learn:

  • An introduction to bike fitting
  • Basic equipment required for an in-depth bike fit
  • Basic human anatomy and how muscle groups connect and inter-relate
  • The known basic setups for Mountain, Road, TT and Triathlon bikes
  • Restrictions on achievable angles for health reasons and regulations
  • Ways to combat common cycling ailments
  • The effects of changing components within the bike fit arena
  • Practical sessions with a bike fit bicycle to find a good fit when no client bike is available
  • Practical bike fit with your own bikes
  • Different bike fit systems and apps, and their pros and cons


First Aid

Emergency Cycling First Aid

On completion of training successful candidates should be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a first aider in an outdoors
  • Be able to manage an incident in an outdoors environment
  • Be able to provide first aid to a casualty that is unresponsive and not breathing normally
  • Be able to provide first aid to a casualty who is choking
  • Be able to provide first aid to a casualty with external bleeding
  • Know how to provide first aid to a casualty who is in shock

Emergency First Aid at Work

On completion of training successful candidates should be able to:

Understand the role and responsibility of a First Aider.

  • Be able to assess an incident.
  • Be able to manage a casualty who is unresponsive and NOT breathing normally.
  • Be able to provide first aid to an unresponsive and breathing normally casualty
  • Be able to manage a casualty who is in seizure
  • Be able to recognise and assist a casualty who is choking.
  • Manage a casualty with external bleeding. Manage a casualty who is in shock.
  • Understand how to manage a casualty with a minor injury.
  • Be able to manage a casualty with minor burns and scalds.

£99.00 per person

Student Reviews

Hear how students have found our Intensive Practical Qualification Week


Student Experiences BikeInn 2021 - SD 480p

Our Covid19 Response

During the first lockdown period in 2020 we took the opportunity to extend our training area to ensure all social distancing protocols could be adhered to, and we have PPE and sanitiser on hand for all staff, students and visitors.

We have also brought forward the release of our Virtual Learning Programme, and you are now able to study the first part of your qualification course from the safety of your own home. This is a safe, convenient and more cost-effective way to begin your training with us.

If you choose the Virtual Learning route you will still need to come to The Bike Inn in Cumbria for the second part of your IMI Level 2 qualification training - where you will receive a fully immersive, intensive and practical experience capitalising on the theory you have already studied.

2021 Course Schedule

As the UK begins to ease social and travel restrictions we are looking forward to opening our doors to students once again.

Due to the sheer number of courses that have had to be postponed over the Covid pandemic period our first priority will be to accommodate students who had already booked and paid for their training here in Cumbria. As soon as we are able to offer on-site courses to new students we will release the dates here.

We are however accepting bookings for our Virtual Learning course from anyone who wishes to begin their training via this route.

If you would like to be notified of all course dates as they become available, please complete the form below.

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