Lumala Factory Tour – Sri Lankan cycles


Mark Wilcox, one of our staff, has a long association with Sri Lanka, where he had an early career role as part of an NGO. He has returned a number of times in the last few years to re-acquaint himself with the island and its people. He sponsors some ‘first in their family’ university students from the North of the island and earlier this years he rode a donated refurbished library bike 1000km to deliver it to one of the students. On that trip Mark met the Lumala factory team and became friends with Tariq the CEO. In July he returned with his girlfriend and family to ride Ebikes built in Sri Lanka by Lumala round some of the incredible beauty spots in the hills and the glorious beaches. They also visited the factory where these bikes are made mostly by hand in the traditional way. Look out for a continuation of collaboration between the Bike Inn and Lumala cycles.

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