Why become a cycle mechanic with The Bike Inn

As summer approaches the Eden valley awakens and allows for stunning riding conditions and adventures for bike riding. The Bike Inn, located in the Victorian town of Appleby in Westmorland is only a stone’s throw away from the Lake District and offers some of the best cycling and walking in the country, the highest road in the UK only being 5 miles away, the prestigious Great Dun that many people tackle each year.

The location of the The Bike Inn makes for a fabulous stay while training as a Cycle Mechanic at The Bike Inn. The Bike Inn offers several accredited IMI courses which all teach far beyond the qualification criteria, all members of the staff pride themselves in this! Not only do the teaching staff have extensive knowledge but the Bike Inn prides themselves in supporting a UCI women’s racing team, GT Krush Tunap based in Belguim.

The Bike inn’s facilities are extensive with the focus being giving you, the student the best experience and showing you an in-depth and large variety of equipment from every genre of cycling. We at The Bike Inn are also cycling enthusiasts clearly seen from the retro frames hanging on the walls to the di2, sram and rotor bikes also displayed. So how does engineering and bike mechanics go together? The Bike Inn has developed ‘The Bike Lab’ which focuses on this and offers a service of parts being custom make when engineering is involved. The Bike Lab also has the trick for all your stuck seat posts from months of riding in the winter or being left on the turbo!

Support after our courses in key to all our students with group chats being set up with your fellow students and staff always on call for your questions on those difficult problems. The Bike Inn also offers opportunities for Bike Inn graduates to attend GT Krush Pro Cycling races at UCI and World tour level as a shadow mechanic, no other training centre can give you this experience.

The Bike has already set the standards in E-bike training with many mechanics returning to carry out this specialist training that is needed to be able to fault find and diagnose the problem, whether it be a broken wire is the system or a faulty battery cell the E-bike course will get you covered to repair the future of cycling.

So, it may sound like a complete change of career and or lifestyle for some of you interested in cycle mechanics but we can ensure in the current climate that you will be busy fixing bikes, either setting up you own business, working for a bike shop or doing event work. Cycling is on the up and you can be involved in it!


Contact The Bike Inn now courses@bikeinn.co.uk or www.bikeinn.co.uk to enrol or to find out more.



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