Thoughts to reality

Every project starts off as a thought that has to be turned into reality. This was no different for Tim Seddon and his wife Suzy when they began Countrybike. The project set out to put bikes at trail starts, and partner up with local pubs and stores to provide a service to the local community and holidaymakers. All you had to do is simply hire the bike through a phone app and off you went.

The project took off and soon it became clear that people also wanted the bike delivered to their door, so delivery was added as a service. With E-bike becoming more popular it was only natural for this offering to be added to the roster of bikes available. This meant people could go further and see more in the local area. But now came the fun of maintaining all these bikes and now E-bikes were added to the mix.

Tim completed The Bike Inn’s course a number of years ago, however, E-bikes were not as prevalent as they are today, so it was time for Tim to train up on E-bikes. Tim turned to The Bike Inn’s Professional E-bike course as his first choice. With several conversion kits and mid-drive motor Bosch E-bikes, it was time to know how to maintain them.

The Bike Inn’s Professional course “covered everything I needed to know to help my business grow. The virtual learning prior to the onsite days allowed a lot of practical time onsite”. With E-bikes becoming very popular “it is important we know how to fix and maintain our bikes to provide the best service”. Tim noted that the Bike Inn’s course also covered branded and non-branded E-bike diagnostics and problem-solving solutions/methods which are essential to mechanics. Tim concluded that having attended the course Tim is now confident Countrybike are covered for all E-bike eventualities!


Course details of our Professional E-bike course can be viewed here:

Next Course : 6th/7th October 2022


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