Professional Bike Fit Course – NEW!

Professional Bike Fit Course

New in! What to learn how to conduct a professional bike fit and increase your skills?  Then look no further. The Bike Inn is now offering a comprehensive bike fit course that will allow you to grow and expand your business.


The bike fit professional course follows the same structure as our other courses with one week virtual and 2 days onsite. Our onsite days are incredibly practical with us collaborating with Jarich Braeckevelt for aerodynamic expertise and Alexis Dykes for physio input.


Jarich :

Jarich Braeckevelt is an engineer with a passion for cycling. From cyclocross to time trial, from triathlon to bike packing, it doesn’t matter. In his master thesis, he wrote about bike fitting and how we can leverage the power of data to get closer to our optimal position. But as many bike fitters know, 6 months is not enough to crack the code. Hence why, in cooperation with his promotor, he wrote a grant proposal to conduct “Data-Driven Bike Fitting” research. After a couple of years away from bike fitting, he is now back in the game giving talks about all things bike fitting and aerodynamics. Next to that, he is very active on LinkedIn to inform people about those same topics, you can follow him here:


Bike fitting Pro cyclist



After completing her Physiotherapist degree Alexis specialised in the musculoskeletal physiotherapist allowing Alexis to focus on Pilates for runners and Pilates for cyclists. Being a keen cyclist herself, Alexis understands the demands cycling can place on your body. She is an expert in how to regain, and maintain, mobility in parts of your body following injury or illness. More information on Alexis can be found a:



Martin is our Professional bike fit course leader. Martin has a personal trainer qualification and has spent time bike fitting over the past 5 years allowing him to gain a great amount of knowledge along the way. Having spent time wind tunnel testing and working for GB age group triathlon Martin brings an added layer of performance bike fit to the course.


We look forward to running our first course on the 3/4th March 2022. The second of this popular themed course is in the diary for the 3/4th August 2022. You can find out more information at



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