Professional Bike Fit course

Course content:

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Our Professional Bike Fit course introduces the concepts of bike fitting to delegates and develops their understanding of the underlying theories. The course builds on any previous experience delegates have to develop the techniques needed to offer an effective bike fitting service . This course will allow you to fit people in a bike shop or add to your own business services.

There is a virtual learning phase of 8-12 hours to develop a full understanding of the theoretical knowledge to allow practical work to be completed during the 2 days onsite.

The course syllabus includes:

Listed below are the area’s covered: The course syllabus includes:

– Anatomy
- Biomechanics
- Bike Fit process and practical fitting
– Bike measurements
– Static and dynamic assessment
– Bike mechanics
– Discipline specific fitting


Next course dates: 23/24th August 2023 onsite days

Student testimonials:

"There was a good mix of theory and practical and the timing of each session meant that there was never a feeling of dwelling on a subject for too long. The team at Bike Inn were incredibly friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable and I felt almost like part of the 'family' when I left on the Sunday.

All in all, I loved the course and came away with much better understanding of not only how to Bike Fit but with a smattering of knowledge around the bike industry as a whole which was helped along with some anecdotal stories from Jon from time to time!

I think the post course WhatsApp group is a great idea which I have already used for advice and information and will continue to do so in the future. Although it was never a consideration pre-course, I am now seriously thinking of completing the Bike Mechanics course in the future." Jude, May 2023


"The fitting studio is a great resource and could perhaps be used more through the course, but the session that Fi did on the bike jig was brilliant in there.

It was brilliant that Jon and Fi took advantage of some great weather to move the day two bike fits outside. This was a real win for me, as the mobile style of bikefit delivery is something that I am planning to build into my business. This was discussed throughout the course and I felt as though the team were able to tailor their delivery to maximise the value to my future plans." Tony, May 2023