When we talk to students and other cyclists about components, be it groupsets or wheels and the iconic Italian brand is mentioned, we get the usual reactions… expensive, difficult to work on and you need lots of special tools. Well to some extent that is true but these are not good reasons to shy away from understanding this manufacturer of beautifully engineered cycle parts. As you may guess from this introduction, I ‘m a ‘Campagnista’,
Back in the spring as the National lockdown ended we prepared to welcome students back into our premises in Appleby, Cumbria. Having recently introduced a new structure of our Theory and Foundation course (one month virtual) and Intensive Practical Qualification week (one week onsite) we caught up with one of our students; Nigel Murphy on how he experienced blended learning. Time to learn it myself “My bikes had got to the point where they needed
The Bike Inn 2022 Dates and New Courses The Bike Inn is pleased to announce dates for 2022 and an extension of courses available. Our course dates are available to download by clicking on 'The Bike Inn 2022 Dates'. A course booklet is also available here 'The Bike Inn New Courses and Offerings 2021 and 2022' We also now offer a variety of professional courses that are new in 2021 / 2022! Please see the
You may be aware that the Bike Inn was recently involved in the organisation and running of a rather high profile charity sportive event. Now that the dust has settled and organisers and participants have had time to rest and recover, we’d like to look back on what culminated in a very successful weekend for all involved. The RAF Benevolent Fund’s Dambusters Ride took place on Saturday 3rd July in honour of the last surviving
We are proud to have been approached recently to contribute to an 'ask the Professionals' article published this week in Cycling Industry News. The feature looks into the impact that scarce stock availability of parts has had on the cycling industry during the worst of the Covid19 pandemic, and how businesses have responded. Here at the Bike Inn we felt the effects of this pressure on the supply chain, both for ourselves as a business,

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