How to become a cycle mechanic?

If you’re interested in becoming a cycle mechanic or improving your skills in bicycle repair and maintenance, there are several courses and training options available. Here are some options you can consider:


  • Online Courses: The Bike Inn offers a online course delivered by our experienced mechanics. This courses include video tutorials, quizzes, and practical assignments to help you learn at your own pace. This course is the first step on our courses which include qualifications but can also be completed as a individual online course.


  • Onsite courses : Remember that hands-on experience is crucial for becoming a proficient cycle mechanic. As you learn, try to practice your skills by working on your own bike or offering assistance to friends and family. Building a solid foundation of knowledge and experience will help you become a competent and confident cycle mechanic. This can be achieved during the Theory and Foundation virtual course and reinforced with our onsite course, something that is not available with YouTube!


  • Apprenticeships: Consider reaching out to local bike shops or repair centres to inquire about apprenticeship opportunities. Apprenticeships allow you to learn on the job while working alongside experienced mechanics. This practical experience can be valuable in developing your skills and earning money at the same time. Here at The Bike Inn we partner with Kendal Colleague to provide this pathway. It is not limited by your geographical location.


  • Additional education can be accessed through Bicycle Manufacturer Certification Programs: programs provide in-depth training on their specific brand of bicycles and components e.g. Shimano

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