From Hammer to Spanner!

We catch up with Duncan Haynes on his journey to being a cycle mechanic from ‘the Teepee’. The word of cycle mechanics can lead to anything!

A couple of years ago, I set about swapping my 17 years of experience as a ‘Handyman’, to full time bike mechanic. I wasn’t sure how or where to do this. I sort out the best course available and decided to go about getting qualified and broaden my knowledge. Nothing came close to what was offered at ‘The Bike Inn’, Cumbria. In November 2020, I attended and completed the 3 week Professional, IMI Level 3 Certification in Cycle Maintenance. During the time at The Bike Inn, I polished up my knowledge in all aspect around what is needed to be a cycle mechanic and much needed information on how to run a cycle business – which is very essential. Following my qualification, I started to wind down my handyman business and incorporate being a mobile cycle mechanic. I also spent a lot of time scoping out my business plan and a possible location to work from as the drive to leave behind my handyman work, was to reduce driving – I live in west London! I also spent a couple of days a week working in a ‘high end’ bike studio in Kensington – building and servicing the very best in Italian bikes!

About 6 months after my time at The Bike Inn, I started a pop up (once a month to start with) at a local business park. This was a great experience and perfect fit, for both the business park and me. After 3 months, they offered me a full time location in the park! I am now 13 months into working full time as a bike mechanic within ‘Enjoy-Work, Chiswick Park’, where I run my own business from ‘the Teepee’.

My idea of being driven by passion for high performance and perfection, but keeping an open mind to the needs of most everyday cyclists, I am here to help my fellow cyclists in the park and local community. I feel very lucky that the business park promotes both cycling to work, and my services, and we work together to encourage the use of the cycle. My Teepee does have it’s limitations with size and location, and can be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, but I get to work mainly outside, so people can pop along for a chat and see what I’m working on, and how I work and it has the most wonderful aspect looking over a lake and the park.


To find out more visit Handlebars Haynes based in Chiswick, London. 

For a variety of Bike Inn courses visit

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