E-bike Mechanic Shortage!

No Mechanics! With E-bikes on the rise, people will be hard pushed to find mechanics who can maintain them.  Following the recent announcement from the Insitute of the Motor Industry yesterday regarding a shortage of mechanics for electric cars, there needs to be a spotlight pointed to the low number of mechanics that know how to maintain E-bikes.  The uptake and usage of E-bike might be slightly lower then Electric cars however the IMI suggests 90,000 automotive technicians will be required to provide a sufficient workforce to service the volume of zero-emissions vehicles predicted to be on UK roads by 2030 – the government’s Road to the Zero deadline.

Unforntley maintenance on E-bikes requires more skill, patience, and knowledge to service than your standard town hybrid bike.  Your main manufactures of E-bikes such as Shimano and Bosch allow trained mechanics to access the software on the bike to update, diagnose and problem solve potential issues. However, as you stray away from manufacturers such as Shimano and Bosch you are left with limited ability to diagnose problems and limited or no software ability provided by the manufacture.

The IMI recognises “there needs to be a mind-shift in how to fix the widening skills gap”.  IMI is again repeating its plea to the government to encourage funding (£15m) to support EV skilled training.

E-bike numbers are increasing throughout the industry so mechanics need to know how to service them.  This is where the E-bike course and training is involved! Here at The Bike Inn, we have developed methods and techniques to test and diagnose E-bikes that do not come with diagnostic software.  The majority of our course focuses on this to help you the mechanic deal with each type of E-bike and how to service, diagnose problems and fix them! Our E-bike course continues with our blended learning style and involves one week virtual and two days on-site to complete the Professional E-bike course.

New course dates onsite with the virtual course release one week before hand:

16th/17th December 2021

14/15th April 2022


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