Custom Course – Cumbria to Jersey

On a dull overcast Cumbria morning the phone rang, it was an inquiry for an unusual cycle mechanic training. Acorn Enterprise in Jersey, was interested in receiving some training. The company focuses on restoring charity bikes to have a ‘second life’.

So after several phone calls the flights were booked and our Tutor Mark was on the way to Jersey! We were pleased to hear Acorn Enterprise is focusing on restoring charity bikes to give them a second life, with the importance of how to maintain and safety check, ensuring good condition.

The two-day bespoke course provided by Bike Inn is a great way to educate their volunteers on how to repair, maintain, and safety check their fleet of bikes. As a training provider it is always a pleasing to see companies invest in there volunteers and workers’ education. 

Mark, The Bike Inn’s tutor was given a cycle for transport to get around Jersey (9 miles wide and 5 miles long). Mark said, ‘ nice to see old bikes being recycled literally, and sold onto people at an affordable price. The guys were so enthusiastic and the course was made very tailored to their island needs”.

After completing the course, as always, The Bike Inn had one question.

How did the customer find the course?“I’m delighted to be able to recommend the Bike Inn.  From the start they listened to what we were after and were able to suggest and advise on suitable training that could be given to our staff.  They were efficient and well organised, and our onsite training was a breeze to arrange.  The trainer, Mark, was extremely knowledgeable and was skilled at imparting his knowledge.  He quickly understood our organisation and what was required, and his commercial outlook helped us to make a number of improvements as well as up skilling our staff.   If you are after professional, quality training, in my experience, you can’t go wrong with Bike Inn” 

At the Bike Inn we focus on quality education to allow you to be the best Cycle Mechanic you can be, if you have any bespoke training requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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