Cumbria to Sri Lanka

Mark Wilcox one of the Bike Inn staff is returning to Sri Lanka, a place he’s toured a couple of times in the past, but this time with a mission. He’s become involved with a charity that supports disadvantaged children and students in the North East of the Island. This was a place that suffered significantly in the civil war. So this return journey is a 1000km epic through the mountains to the burning sun of the east coast to see parts of the Island less seen and also to deliver a refurbished bike that The Bike Inn has kindly donated to give to a student before Mark returns.


Now the bike has seen some miles as library bike for a council in the past so we fitted some upgrades, but all from second hand ‘stock’ and with an eye to the bike being serviced easily in its future life. Shwalbe Marathons a must and a sturdy rack fitted to carry luggage.


The journey will start in Mid March and finish early April. Mark will give the bike to Antony Kolince a student at the Jaffna University. He is the first in his family ever to get to university but comes from a very poor background. The bike will enable him to get to his studies and maybe also be used for fitness. Mark sponsors Antony in his studies and assists with his living expense’s.


You can find out more information and donate on the below link:

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