Bike Inn Sponsors European Racing Team

The Bike Inn are proud to announce they are sponsoring GT Krush Tunap Pro cycling in 2021!

The women’s UCI team is a natural fit for the Bike Inn, as it both showcases and promotes professional women’s cycling throughout Europe.

It is calibre such as this that brings mutual benefits to team sponsorship programmes, with the Team being able to call on top notch professional assistance at competitive events, and with the Bike Inn being able to offer their students these privileged and invaluable experiences. Being able to attend and mechanic at races throughout Europe means they will be nurturing the knowledge, precision and fast thinking that every mechanic needs to excel in their chosen career.

With the Bike Inn having 30 years of history, it’s a delight to see our logo on a professional team’s shorts and jerseys. Unlike many other teams GT Krush Turnap Pro Cycling has a female head mechanic, Nadine. Her skills, planning and passion keep the fleet of Krush bikes in fine working order. Aged 21 Nadine has come a long way in a short amount of time!

We look forward to the start of our partnership with GT Krush Turnap, and all the race updates and team news when the season finally gets underway.

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