Not Just a Extra Gear

Shimano’s new 12-speed groupset is starting to be seen in your local cycle shop or community, but what is the difference between 11 and 12 speed? Is it just extra gear? We catch up with GT Krush Tunap’s head mechanic and Shimano service center mechanic, Nadine to find out. The 12-speed groupset is not just an extra gear as Shimano has made several changes that will benefit both the performance and leisure cyclist. The first Read on >>

E-bike Mechanic Shortage!

No Mechanics! With E-bikes on the rise, people will be hard pushed to find mechanics who can maintain them.  Following the recent announcement from the Insitute of the Motor Industry yesterday regarding a shortage of mechanics for electric cars, there needs to be a spotlight pointed to the low number of mechanics that know how to maintain E-bikes.  The uptake and usage of E-bike might be slightly lower then Electric cars however the IMI suggests Read on >>

£3,000 Incentive For Hiring An Apprentice

Over the last week, the Government has announced an extension to the £3,000 payment to employers taking on a new apprentice with a start date of 1st October 2021to the 31st January 2022.   In order to receive the payment, businesses will still have time to apply for payment of £3,000 for apprentices with an employment start date from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021, but applications close on 30 November 2021.   Now Read on >>

Lejog on a average Hybrid

Lejog on an average hybrid Have you ever wanted to do a cycle challenge but are concerned you have not got the latest and greatest equipment? Nigel Murphy a Bike Inn Graduate did just this, he completed Land Ends to John O’Groats on your standard average hybrid learning about his bike and enjoying the scenery! However, become embarking on this adventure Nigel’s ‘old city hybrid’ needed a few modifications to gear up for the wicked hills in Cornwall Read on >>

Campagnolo – what’s all the fuss about?

When we talk to students and other cyclists about components, be it groupsets or wheels and the iconic Italian brand is mentioned, we get the usual reactions… expensive, difficult to work on and you need lots of special tools. Well to some extent that is true but these are not good reasons to shy away from understanding this manufacturer of beautifully engineered cycle parts. As you may guess from this introduction, I ‘m a ‘Campagnista’, Read on >>