How to train with The Bike Inn

The Bike Inn is partnered with Kendal Colleague to deliver apprentices the chance to train. The apprenticeship is not geographically limiting and can be completed from anywhere in the country. With Government funding extending through to January 2022 now is the time to expand your business or be the next step in your education.

Next steps:

Contact us at The Bike Inn and we will organise enrolment with Kendal Colleague, it is that simple!


Find out from Sam how he is finding his apprenticeship with Kendal Colleague and The Bike Inn:

“I am enjoying the Bike Inn course. The work is taught very well by Jon on the videos and he makes sure that all the key points and correct techniques are shown which is brilliant for a mostly virtual course. The course is laid out so that I can compete for units in order of my choosing, so as I progress with my training at work and through the study materials provided by the Bike Inn I can compete for the units in order of the training scheme in my place of work. The tutors are also very easily contacted and are very fast to respond if I need to contact them for any help.”